Date Title
15 Sep 2013 The European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) published the autumn 2013 edition of their magazine entirely dedicated to Rare Cancers
26 Jul 2013 2013 Report on the State of the Art of Rare Diseases Activities in Europe
25 Jul 2013 Patients' Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare - Results of the Public Consultation on the Implementation of European Reference Networks
05 Jun 2013 EUCERD Recommendations on Rare Diseases National Plans, Patient Registration and Data Collection
24 May 2013 International clinical trials setting for rare cancers: organisational and regulatory constraints—the EORTC perspective
22 Jan 2013 Working towards making personalised treatment a reality for all cancer patients
21 Nov 2012 Joint Statement on EU Clinical Trials Regulation
12 Jun 2012 U.S. NCI issues guidance for deliberations on rare cancer trial closures
04 Jun 2012 Rare cancer research project announces world’s largest release of human cancer genome data
02 Apr 2012 Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia may help to improve rare cancer research
27 Mar 2012 European Alliance for Personalised Medicine calls for early access to personalised medicine
12 Mar 2012 ESMO Conference on Sarcoma and GIST: Doctors lack awareness of rare forgotten cancers
08 Mar 2012 Thousands of patients with rare forgotten cancers are paying a high price because doctors lack awareness of their conditions
21 Feb 2012 European conference explores ways to improve clinical research on rare cancers
15 Feb 2012 International Childhood Cancer Day: Calls for policy changes